Bus Tracker (React)
A bus tracking app for the LA metro made with React. Very fast and simple UI - input the bus line no. and see the most recent known positions of all buses on that line displayed on a map. Updates positions from NextBus API every 10 seconds. I use it every day!
Dashboard UI (Vue.js)
Built with Vue.js and Vuex. Responsive UI that adapts to all screen sizes. Click the cog icon to access the settings panel. All changes are auto-saved to local storage - so the user can reload the page or even restart their browser and keep their settings... without requiring a sign-up process. Neat!
Audionamix - Concept Product Page
Mock up product page for audio software. Fully responsive design built with Vue.js. A strong landing page layout for software products - specifies major software features and system requirements.
Danny Fischer
Responsive site built with OctoberCMS. Plugins/components I coded include the Events plugin, album covers page, a "quote machine" written in Javascript, and a simple blog page. Danny is able to easily update the site content using simple back end forms.
Uptown Jazz Cafe - Concept Site
A concept site for a music venue in Melbourne, Australia. Simple responsive design, uses my Events plugin and the Google Maps API to create a simple, informative site.
Cam Sexton - this website!
My own site built with OctoberCMS. "Rain" effect on the homepage is a simple Javascript animation that demonstrates some basic Object-Oriented Programming concepts.

See the Pen Roman Numeral Converter by Cam Sexton (@ctsexton) on CodePen.

Uses a recursive javascript function to convert from decimals to roman numerals, and an Array.reduce method to go back in the other direction.